Nature: Multiple activities/challenges
Schedule: Thursday the 7th of Septembre – 9h to 17h
Location: Oplympic Park- The Esplanade Financière Sun Life  (Metro Pie-IX)
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Objectives: Encouraging new students to discover the multiple clubs and committees of ÉTS in addition to maximizing their visibility and recruitment opportunities. Facilitating socialization between new students across programs.

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The new students are grouped into teams from the same program and compete against other teams in friendly challenges organized by the clubs and committees of ÉTS. These games will be related to the activities these clubs participate in. This activity aims to create relationships between the students of the same department. Knowing students that have the same courses is very important during the creation of the teams and is an important aspect in the training of engineers. Furthermore, this activity aims to present the diversity of the different student organizations and allows them to transmit their passions and recruit new members.