ING 101

Nature: Multiple activities/challenges
Schedule: 101 hours, Friday September 8th, 12h to Tuesday September 12th, 17h
Location: Montréal, with focus on the ÉTS campus
Facebook Event:
Objectives: Valuing team spirit, resourcefulness, innovative solution creation, student collaboration, discovery of other engineering universities, discovery of ÉTS, its history and its services as well as the discovery of the island of Montréal.   

Over the course of their program in engineering, the students will garner the knowledge and qualities required to become engineers, but being an engineer requires more than knowledge. An engineer must have multiple qualities and aptitudes. ING 101 will allow many of these essential qualities to be exercised. ING 101 is a challenge race over 101 hours. The goal for the participants is to manage their time and resources in order to complete the most challenges possible while respecting the law, the school rules and the code of conduct. The winning team will receive the Cup and a collection of prizes. The challenges are all of a playful, physical, cultural, intellectual or inventive nature and allow students to discover the school, the student clubs, Montréal, other engineering universities and much more. All in a friendly context. We encourage participants to interpret the challenges in unique ways to get surprising, innovative and original results. During the event, teams will be formed and it will be necessary for members to work together to complete the challenges. Moreover, this activity will allow participants to forge solid bonds and unforgettable memories with their future classmates. Consequently, it will facilitate the forming of laboratory teams over the course of their academic careers.

In summation, they must be able to:

Q1. Analyze and investigate a problem
Q2. Conceive a solution
Q3. Use/create the tools to conceive said solution
Q4. Work individually or as part of a team
Q5. Communicate
Q6. Demonstrate professionalism
Q7. Recognize their impact on society and the environment